ComTech Systems, Inc. (1987 to 1990)
Analyst / programmer: Assisted in the analysis, design, modification, new development, and implementation of a manufacturing system. Developed and implemented software standards, coding techniques, standardized unit testing, software review and software evaluation procedures. Implemented the manufacturing system at 3 remote sites.

Analyst / programmer: Designed and developed interface programs and drivers for transfer of payroll and insurance data to various suppliers of employee benefits. Analyzed project requirements; designed and developed application programs, interface subsystems, and pre-conversion programs; and directed and coordinated work between client company and provider companies. Assisted payroll development team with development of interface programs; loading of master files and system tables; preparation and execution of acceptance and unit test plans; and documentation of operational and recovery procedures.

Programmer / analyst: Assisted in the conversion from a VM/CMS environment to a native MVS environment. Converted application generated job streams to PDS library members, converted job streams to executable procedures, updated system documentation, and revised operational procedures.

TECHNOLOGY – PrimeOS, CPL, SyncSort, Oracle, Axiomatic, SQL, OS/390, VM/CMS, MVS, COBOL, JCL, VSAM, Easytrieve, Syncsort, REXX


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